n Sunday we woke early and had our final breakfast of eggs and toast. There were many guests the evening before so the main table was at capacity. Ed and I sat at a cozy table to the side. There were other Americans at the main table as well as an Australian and Irish family. They were discussing how wonderful Ireland was, in particular how there were not warning signs and railing everywhere. The American woman stated that Americans are too sue happy and the Irish man replied, “Well, we Irish have a bit more common sense about such things.”

Immediately following breakfast we left for Shannon airport. It was very grey and rainy. We turned our car back over to Avis and shopped in the airport duty free gift store before our flight left at 11am for New York. When Ed collected his suitcase from the carousel he found it sporting a special red tag and a chiropractors bill from the baggage handler.



Ireland 2002 - The Movie

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