Local MSDN Event this Thursday: Silverlight, LINQ and WCF

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There is a local MSDN Event this coming Thursday at Citrus Park Mall Theater which focuses on Silverlight, LINQ and WCF.

This session might be a good developer–centric view on the up–and–coming aforementioned technologies. Personally, I’ve used all three technologies on different levels.

Sliverlight is still in its infancy stage in my opinion, however the day Microsoft finishes porting WPF is the day I stop writing web applications based on HTML / CSS / JavaScript and use XAML exclusively.

LINQ is a fascinating new way to query, retrieve and interact with data.  I’m using LINQ for XML (formerly known as XLINQ) for a project and I absolutely love it! No more cumbersome XPath or verbose serialization classes. I believe Microsoft is truly committed to this technology as well. Several weeks ago, I posted a question on the LINQ forums to which Anders Hejlsberg answered himself.

Admittedly, WCF is the least exciting technology in the roster as it has been out the longest. They’ve cleaned up some of the older concepts and made it a lot easier to expose your data in different ways. All of which was previously available in different forms before though.