Success Stories

Success Stories

I have always been fascinated by success stories in the tech or startup space. In 2012 I attended the LessMoney Conference where Allan & Steve talked about their success running a 7-figure Ruby on Rails product/consulting company, LessEverything.

Here’s a curated list of articles, blogs and books I’ve come across. New additions are highlighted.


Year Article
How I earned more with 2 months of book sales than 18 months of SaaS
by Rob Race
How we grew ThemeIsle into a $50,000 per month business
by Ionut Neagu
How I Made $2200 in 21 Hours From Scratch via an Obscure Side Hustle
by Owen Minto
Your Million Dollar Leap
by Grant Cardone
This CEO was so broke he had to crash on Travis Kalanick's couch — now he's raised $18 million from Andreessen Horowitz
by Matt Weinberger
My business was bringing in 7 figures — here's how I grew it to 8
by Noah Kagan
How A Young Couple Turned $4K Into A $1,000,000 Snack Delivery Brand
by Allison Sanchez
How This Entrepreneur Turned a Passion Into a $2 Million Business After the Death of His Wife
by Daniella Whyte
How I Built a Profitable "Startup" in 28 Days With a $100 Budget
Bootstrapped, profitable, and proud: Our journey to $1,000,000+ ARR
by Ninh Bui
How I Turned My WordPress Blog into a Five-Figure Business
by Tomas Laurinavicius
How I Made $70,714.20 Self-Publishing a Book About Ruby on Rails
by Nate Berkopec
Multi-millionaire at 27. What I learned.
by Duncan Riach
I used LAMP to make a SaaS with $3700/mo profit. Here’s how.
by Alex Moskovski
2016 In Review – The Year I Quit My Desk Job
by Thibault Denizet
Ask HN: How much do you earn on average through software freelancing?
Top 10 Passive Income Apps & Websites – Earn An Extra $1,173 Per Year
by Jason Wuerch
The man behind the million-dollar homepage
by Elizabeth Garone
What does it take to earn $67,000 in 5 days?
by Danny Gargulies
Case Study: The 4-Part Sales Funnel That Rescued This Blog
by Sumo Group, Inc.
The average app developer salary is $97k
by Artyom Dogtiev
How Much Money Can You Earn With an App?
by Patrick Charuza
Journey to $1 Million ARR in 9 months — A Startup Story of #HustleMuscle
by Sangram Vajre
2015 in review — 1 year after I quit blogging
by Nathan Barry
From a Boston penthouse, world’s best fantasy player plunges into startup world – The Boston Globe
by Curt Woodward
11 Steps to Making $250k Hosting a Successful Conference
by Sumo Group, Inc.
How To Launch a Mac App and Become #1 Top Paid App Globally
by Denys Zhadanov
I was earning $500,000 a year at 30: Here are the 10 best pieces of advice I can give you about money
by Cary Carbonaro
I self-published a learn-to-code book and made nearly $5,000 in pre-orders – Hello Web App
by Tracy Osborn
This Online School For Developers Pays Teachers Millions Of Dollars
by Ainsley Harris
Growing ConvertKit to $5,020 in Monthly Recurring Revenue
by Nathan Barry
Monument Valley in Numbers
by Dan Gray
Overcast’s 2014 sales numbers
by Marco Arment
24-hour book, 1 week later — sales, time, next steps
by Amy Hoy
Don't try this: meet the high schooler who made $300K trading penny stocks under his desk
by Ben Popper
How This 25-Year-Old Made $66,000 In A Month By Teaching An Online Course
by Libby Kane
A Candid Look at Unread's First Year
by Jared Sinclair
Real app developer earnings: From 18-year-old making $1.1K monthly to apps earning $90K per day
by Paula Mooney
How Much Money Top 50 Free Mobile Apps Actually Make
by Natasha Starkell
App Flipping – How To Make Money With Apps
by Carter Thomas
Starting The Web App Challenge: From Zero to $5,000/month In 6 Months
by Nathan Barry
The average app developer 'earns £70k a year'. But hold the champagne…
by Stuart Dredge
From App Store Newbie to $35,000+ in Profit
by Nathan Barry
How I Made $19,000 on the App Store While Learning to Code
by Nathan Barry
Life As “App of the Week” and Earnings Report
12 Apps Earning Over $100,000
Building a Scrabble MMO in 48 hours
by Jacques Crocker
How I Made $6K With My eBook – Marc-André Cournoyer's blog
by Marc-André Cournoyer
Enterprise Product: $50,000 and 8 months – You must be kidding!
by Israel Gat



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