🍕NY Times Pizza Recipe

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I have a long history of trying to make a decent pizza at home. This was another attempt at it.

The NY Times Cooking blog recently showcased a pizza recipe which looked good. One aspect of their recipe which intrigued me was leaving the oven on for 1 hour with the cooking stone in it. Home ovens cannot really get as hot as the commercial-grade ones pizza resturants use. But this seemed like a good idea to try at home.

In order to accomodate the hot cooking stone, I had to buy a pizza peel to transfer the uncooked pizza to the hot stone. This was actually the most difficult part. Maybe I didn't dust the surface of the peel with enough flour, or maybe the pizza was too laden down. Either way, it didn't really want to slide off, which caused some crumpling in the dough when we did finally get it transferred.

I also bought a scale to properly measue out the ingredients, and something to cut and scrape the dough.

The outcome

This turned out pretty good! My 8yr old son loved it too! Though, the dough could've been slightly more done. The sauce a little less sweet and more tangy. I plan on trying this again next week.

Notes for next time

It's too bad my home oven cannot get any hotter. The next step up would be GE's Monogram 30" pizza oven which is almost $10,000.


Well, I tried making this again. However, this time the dough turned out too dense and crunchy on the bottom. Why is making pizza dough so hard?

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